Flower Seed Paper!

What is flower seed paper? It is, in short, plantable paper! This interesting product is paper that has been embedded with seeds. The paper often used is called post-consumer material, so no new trees are wasted in composing this item.

Here's how it's done. Recyclable paper is chopped and blended with warm water. The flower seed paper is sprinkled into this mixture and stirred. The mixture is removed and spread on sheets of supportive material. When the mixture dries, the sky's the limit on creativity! The seed paper dries in a sort of formable, fibrous mat condition, and allows for multiple configurations and innovations. The recycled paper can become all sorts of shape and size of flower, which can be used for bouquets and boutineers and table sprays. It can be formed into plantable bunnies and chickens, eggs and birds. It can be sized into dozens of card items.
Consider wedding invitations implanted with seeds. Once planted, the living flowers reflect the return of a special day. On the opposite end of the spectrum, flowers are the typical funeral memorial item; but consider memorial cards for a loved one implanted with herb or flower seeds. This would be a celebration of life to remember.
When the paper is planted it composts away and leaves the seeds to sprout. This is an efficient and simple way of growing some flowers, as the seeds are sometimes implanted within the paper in individual rows. The system eliminates the bunching and thinning often encountered when the seeds are planted by hand. Seeded paper is a remarkable example of 'just plain fun' that evolved into an environmentally sustainable and very marketable product. Companies have incorporated their own homegrown innovations and created specialized commodities withe incredibly beautiful designs.

Help Save the Environment When You Use Flower Seed Paper

A huge premium is placed on sustainability, and many companies wish to return to their communities a product that conserves resources and reduces environmental impact. Popularity and manufacture is growing for paper implanted with seed, and the recycled paper concept has grown to include dying with all-natural water-based inks and corn-based packaging. Solar-power completes the paper-drying needs for an environmentally supportive business and a product with growing marketability.