International Plastic Bag Free Day is July 3rd, 2021. This is the perfect moment for your business to give up plastic bags and get ahead of the plastic bans sweeping the country. For the most part, getting rid of plastic bags is seen as an inconvenience because — what will businesses do? They can switch to recycled and reusable custom bags.

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cotton tote full of firewood printed with foreign text

What Plastic Bag Free Day?

International Plastic Bag Free Day is a great way for you to make changes to how you run your business. It is very easy to make changes to how you bag your products, and you can prevent your customers from throwing away those bags. Plus, you can make this into a marketing pitch for your business.

Sell the Bags for the Holiday

Sell the bags for the holiday so that you can alert the public and improve your positioning. Selling reusable bags in the community helps enhance your marketing, but it also calls attention to your business for the holiday. Basically, this is a super simple way to make money and let customers know you care about the environment. 

Marketing on Your Custom Bags

Marketing on your custom bags is much easier because anyone who sees the bag can read your contact information and remember the name of your business. Moreover, you can go for a holiday-themed bag that stands out. For more information, contact us at Custom Earth Promos.