Our earth is crying out to us all, actually it has been for countless hundreds of years. The good news is that in the recent years humanity has turned their ears, hearts and efforts into making the appropriate and right changes to protect this awesome place we know as home. However, the work has only truly just begun. We have so much more to do and we do not have too much time to waste. We see and hear what's happening in our forests. We see and hear countless dissertations on the “explainable” changes in the weather patterns everywhere. We know that we are in danger and many are taking the most proactive steps that they can right now. We are seeing this in homes and within companies and corporations. We see more “earth friendly, eco-friendly products” on the market today than ever before in the history. This is a very good thing but the truth is we have a mighty long way to go still. Plastic bag statistics are startling. Consider this; over one trillion plastic bags are used each and every year worldwide.

Think about that for a moment “one trillion bags”. Plastic is not biodegradable so for each and every bag it takes one thousand years to degrade or totally break down. It's truly something to consider that it takes one thousand years for a plastic bag to disappear from this good earth. Yes, plastic bag statistics are indeed startling. There is indeed much work to do! The United States alone goes through one hundred billion plastic bags a year. Yes, that statistic is true. Now, to that think about China, the United Kingdom and everywhere else. Our oceans are riddled with debris and statistics show that our oceans have very close to 50,000 pieces of plastic floating in it at any given time. It will take those 50,000 pieces of plastic one thousand years to totally disappear from our beautiful and necessary to life oceans. This statistic also shows us that ten percent of all plastic produced worldwide will end up in our oceans. There is some good news however; statistics also show that finally humanity is making simple everyday changes that will create a positive shift. However, we need more than a shift, we need an active continues movement of change. We must all be mindful of our carbon footprints, they are very real and they most certainly impact this earth. This must be done for ourselves, our children and the hope of future generations to come. Our earth is crying out like never before.
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