All these years, the planet seems to have some how survived the attacks and abuse (consciously done or not) received by the hand of man, but that time of not striking back by the planet is now apparently over. The seasons of the year are not anymore as perfectly defined as they were before and some of the natural resources are being depleted. It does not matter if it is for selfish reasons or various other ones, people need to start being aware that action needs to be taken to be more respectful about the environment in order to keep it sustainable. There are many ideas to implement at home, work or various other places, but an excellent way to get started is by using eco friendly products.

The great and interesting about green products is that they are not just beneficial to the environment by not causing harm to it (when it is being used, produced or disposed), but also for the consumers whom require various needs and desires. Fortunately, there are people worried and occupied in the designing of exceptional products that reach both characteristics in a sustainable way.

Most of the nature friendly products derive from recycled and/or reusable sources and its range covers shopping bags, water bottles, USB drives, clothing, cleaning products, gifts, office supplies (recycled pens or rulers), home & personal accessories, and much more. Some specific eco-friendly products, people could also find are hand powered shredder, a green lamp made from cork block, bamboo dry erase boards, green stylish rings made with wood and cork, a pen that last seven years or a clock powered by salty water. Some products might be difficult to find, but there are other options that are simple, effective, original and reachable such as reusable shopping bags, seeded papers (for business cards, personal cards, fliers, and etc.), reusable water bottles, eco-friendly lanyards or even umbrellas.

Amazingly, those products can be used for personal or business purposes. Actually, for businesses are an excellent marketing tool because they can be printed with the company logo and use them as promotional items or costumer gifts. After all, using green products does not mean that consumers need to live like cavemen, because it is not necessary to sacrifice comfort and high quality design.

Using eco friendly products can have a greater impact than it seems. In fact, it is a huge step that people can take to say thanks and give back to nature, because it provides life to us in a sustainable way each and everyday.