Preparing your business for the 4th of July is all about making the holiday into an event. You can drive traffic, improve the customer experience, and celebrate the birthday of our nation all at the same time.

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fireworks of all colors explode over trees

The Power of July 4th

July 4th is an event everywhere in America. You can use this holiday as the perfect time to reach out to the community. You can simply say “honoring America” or you can sell your products and accessories to help with the holiday celebrations. Think of how the 4th of July works for your business, and find the perfect angle.

Why Recycled Bags?

Custom recycled bags at Custom Earth Promos allow you to decorate for the holiday and give away these bags as gifts, to build gift sets, or to sell for a low price. These bags are multipurpose because they can be used for multiple holidays and events. Plus, a lot of your customers will simply want to buy them for the red, white, and blue artwork.

Patriotic Bags Stand Out

No matter the occasion, patriotic bags stand out. When you place your contact info, logo, and company name on the bag, it's easy to see. If you give away patriotic bags around this time of the year, the only way they stand out if with your logo, name, and contact info. We make sure it is easy to read and fits into the design.

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