Paper Making to a New Level with Printable Seed Paper

Paper making is an ancient art with rags being the first material used to make paper. As time went on, wood products were used to make paper and other additives, such as grass and wildflowers, were added to the process. Today, paper is taking on a whole new meaning. Recycled paper is used, creating an environmental alternative for consumers and businesses that help reduce the amount of waste in landfills. Recycled paper is used to make new paper and seeds are added to the paper, therefore, creating a new product with many uses.

Printable seed paper is available in a variety of products for all occasions. Color choices range from light hues, such as lavender and pink, to bolder hues of royal blue and cranberry. Seeds from wildflowers are combined with recycled paper to produce paper that is used for everyday printing and re-purposed to make new flower gardens. Custom blends of seeds, including cornflower pink ball, spurred snapdragon and Siberian wallflowers are added to paper to create a healthy wildflower garden in style. When planted in flower pots, new portable gardens can be created that add vibrant colors to a decor.

Greeting cards, gift card holders and bookmarks make replanting easy. Calendars are great for promoting a business and journals are attractive and have 40 pages printed with earth-friendly ink. Invitations for special occasions are a great way to not only contribute to a healthy environment, but to promote a special event with a certain style.

Help Reduce Plastic Waste When You Use Printable Seed Paper

Printed seed paper can be used on high quality digital printers to obtain a specific color. Inkjet printing is often preferred by spraying the ink onto the paper, putting unneeded pressure on the seeds. Letterpress gives the paper a nostalgic look and printing is done one sheet at a time. This handcrafted method gives the paper a look that is less detailed, but preserves the seed germination process and allows custom seeds to be selected. Letterpress can incorporate larger seeds, such as trees, herbs and vegetables. Offset printing is the heavier style process of printing paper with seeds. This style is considered for quick turn around and large quantities.