Whole Foods, according to its Nickels for Non-profits program, has chosen FLITE or Foundation for Learning in Tredyffrin/Easttown, to receive funds for its activities. FLITE will get 0.5 cents from Whole Foods if a customer walks in with a reusable bag, and does not use the store's plastic bag buying option.

Using Printed Custom Totes Is a Good Habit for a Good Cause

Whole Foods has taken this initiative in the wake of increased environmental awareness and conservation efforts they have taken up. They donate five percent of their profits to non-profit organizations located in their society. FLITE is a non-profit that helps students financially or environmentally and is selected by Whole Foods to receive donations from them. Carry printed custom totes, or even just a reusable bag, when you go to shop for groceries at Whole Foods and FLITE will receive 0.5 cents as donations. The reusable bag will help Whole Foods not to sell plastic bags to the customers, and hence of every customer that has a reusable bag, Whole Food saves 0.5 cents that it will donate to FLITE.

Non-profits like FLITE help the students around Tredyffrin/Easttown area, to get books, study materiel, or help them with their SATs. As such, with increased donations from Whole Foods, FLITE will be able to provide better services with more help to students who need it. This initiative also helps the environment of Devon. Fewer plastic bags will be sold, which will mean lower number of plastic bags in the environment causing harm to it. Residents need to be made aware that now there is an added incentive to carrying their own printed custom tote. The society around them will garner much benefit from this initiative, especially students in public schools will be benefited.

Residents Love to Carry Printed Custom Totes

Reusable bags are quite affordable, light and easy to carry. They also help you in carrying more than a plastic bag, and with a lot of ease. Carry a printed custom tote to look stylish while going green. Every time you do not use a plastic bag, less pollution and less amount of plastic gets into the environment. This, augmented by the fact that now organizations are taking up the initiative of helping societies while going green is reason enough for you to carry a printed custom tote every time you go for shopping anywhere.

Source: http://te.patch.com/groups/around-town/p/bring-reusable-bags-to-whole-foods-give-back-te-students