Today's increasing focus on the environment and the push to save energy and be more resourceful has become a top priority in society for many people. Companies and private citizens alike have noticed the trend and are incorporating more green marketing into their paper trail. Your business, home, and personal gatherings can give a whole new meaning to the term "going green" by using seed paper for your promotional advertisements, postcards, invitations, and more.

Seeded paper is a revolutionary way of promoting environmental awareness and resourcefulness. It is hand made from recycled paper, reiterating the mission of environmental awareness, and is infused with a mix of wildflower seeds. The customer has the option of specifying what kind of wildflower seeds to infuse into the paper if desired. The paper can be planted in soil to grow beautiful flowering plants. The idea of printing advertisements, announcements, business cards and post cards on seeded paper is a promotion in itself - initially you are visually promoting your business, event, or news on paper while at the same time making it known that you care about the environment, the use of resources, and the importance of recycling. Once the recipient is finished with the seed paper, instead of throwing it away, it can be planted in a garden or flowerbed to bloom each year as a reminder of the sender's event, announcement, or business. It is truly a perpetual promotion or reminder.

The paper is available in a variety of styles and colors, and can be custom ordered from There is a wide range of in-stock inventory for immediate ordering as well. The seed paper sheets can be used for your original printing use, or you can order custom print jobs from

If you are looking for more than just sheets of seed paper, such as custom, unique printed items like greeting cards, announcements, invitations, or business cards, has a beautiful selection of these and more. Bookmarks, journals, envelopes, calendars, CD sleeves - if it is made of paper, has it in environmentally friendly seeded paper. Using the seed paper for your printing needs is your way of promoting your business or event while at the same time subtly promoting environmental awareness.