Promotional items are a great source of marketing for a lot of businesses. For this reason, businesses are always looking for a good promotional products company. And, in a new age where going green means something, Custom Earth Promos are one of the best. So, if you want to market the green way, you should check it out.

So, who are Custom Earth Promos? They are an eco-friendly promotional products company, and they take a more on hands approach than similar companies. This is because unlike other companies Custom Earth Promos run as both a factory and a place of business, so there is no middle man. For this reason, they're able to form a stronger connection with their customers. Obviously this company has a commitment to the green movement, so they specialize in reusable green bags. The company's main goal is protection and conservation of the environment and this is why they've made such a name for themselves.

You probably have a lot of questions about Custom Earth Promo's green bags. For example, what is the smallest quantity for an order? Well, the lowest is purchasing 250 bags, which is under domestic orders. But, you're ordering overseas you need to buy at least 3,000 bags. Another question you're probably asking yourself is regarding your logo. According to their website, all the standard prices include a logo imprint, but with an extra fee. However, your logo will look great because of their full color photo quality transfers. Now, let's take a look at a few of their products.

One item they sell, other than their bags, is BPA-free water bottles. You're probably asking yourself what's BPA? BPA is a harmful chemical previously found in plastic water bottles, and because of the health risks many companies are making BPA-free products. However, Custom Earth Promos has their very own line of bottles; bottles that contain FDA approved Polyethylene. So, their water bottles are odorless and tasteless. Stainless steel bottles are another product they sell, and these are bottles that last. If you have one of these bottles you won't have to buy any more plastic ones, so they work the best for promotion.

Now, let's talk about environment friendly promotional bags. One of their coolest products is the recycled bags, which are made completely of recycled material. For instance, they use plastic bottles found in landfills to make their bags. So, this is one of the best promotional items for a company, and these bags are 100% recyclable. A good marketing strategy is what makes a successful business. And, this is you need a good promotion company, one who can give you the exposure you need.