As part of my New Years resolution, I am transitioning coffee out of my life and replacing it with tea. There are so many teas available, especially green teas that are full of natural healthy antioxidants. I've been experimenting to try to find the flavors that I like best, and can already see why so many coffee drinkers have converted. Instead of using half and half and sweet and low which is full of chemicals in every cup I drink, I now prefer to just add some stevia, a natural vegan no calorie sweetener that gives tea a perfect amount of sweetness without being overwhelming. It's so easy in the morning to just throw a teakettle on the stove and get ready while it boils. Then I put a tea bag and a packet of stevia in my promotional silicone stainless steel bottle and go off to work. When I'm finished I love being able to wash it out once and drink water from it to stay hydrated for the rest of the day.

Promotional Silicone Stainless Steel Bottle Is Perfect for Coffee or Tea!

At Custom Earth Promos, we offer a great promotional silicone stainless steel bottle that can contain sixteen ounces of liquid and is made from completely recycled environmentally friendly material. The promotional silicone stainless steel bottle is durable, low maintenance, a silicone wrap fixed on the outer body which provides an easy grip and heat insulating properties. Additionally, the promotional silicone stainless steel bottle features a black plastic lid with a push on feature, along with a sliding fixture in matching colored trims Also, the promotional silicone stainless steel bottle is completely devoid of BPA, which has been proven to be harmful. The bottle is available in black, lime green, orange, purple, red, and royal blue, and has a spacious seven inch by one and a half inch imprint area for your logo. Overall, the promotional silicone stainless steel bottle offered by Custom Earth Promos is a multipurpose bottle that is a sturdy container that you can use all day and take it from the office to the gym and then have it resting on your bedside table at night. Order yours today and inquire for a quote on bulk orders!