Puerto Rico has the unique distinction of exporting more than eighty percent of its vegetables and other food produce. Organic fruit and vegetable produce is becoming popular with the consumers as well as the farmers in Puerto Rico. Organic farming has found a new ambassador in Puerto Rican Tara Rodriguez, who says that the consumers are tired of the bland, tasteless fruits and vegetables that they buy at the supermarkets.

An Eco-Friendly Food Journey

Tara Rodriguez, an Architecture graduate had been living in New York for seven years before returning to Puerto Rico to start a mini-grocery known as the Departamento de la Comida or the “Department of Food. She has lead this organization for the past four years, helping the farmers to transition into organic farming. The 30-year old entrepreneur has championed the cause of ecological agriculture that does not incorporate the use of toxic agrochemicals and fertilizers.

According to Rodriguez, ecological agriculture needs to be introduced to ensure that the lands are left unpolluted and the farmers are paid fairly for their produce. She says that growing different types of crops in the same field and using natural pesticides are some effective eco-friendly ways to leave the lands healthy as well as green. As a part of her product sourcing endeavors, Rodriguez conducts regular visits to the farms and other plots across the city to scout for locations for vegetable gardens.

Using Recycled Promotional Items to Promote Eco-Friendly Food

The groceries and delis selling organic farm produce and food items can promote their products by the introduction of various eco-friendly promotional items. Use of reusable grocery bags with the grocery logo is among the best ways of promoting the business in a cost efficient way. It is a good way of raising awareness about organic products in an eco-friendly way as reusable bags are great way of avoiding single use plastic bags that cause environmental pollution.

The ready-to-eat food section in the delis can provide free samples of food items that have been prepared with organic ingredients. Organic lunch packages with a detailed listing of the ingredients are also an ideal way of promoting the organic food section. Apparel made from bamboo and organic cotton can be given as freebies to the customers at a grocery store.

Other organically made items that are used on a regular basis by the people include sippers, sports bottles, pens, notebooks, key-rings and lip balms. All of these items make for perfect organic gifts that can be used to promote organic food.