Walt Himelstein is an environmental chemist in Owings Mills who has invented the Pure Glass Bottle, a strong reusable bottle for eco-minded consumers. The reusable bottle is made of glass with a protective plastic coating to prevent breakage.

The History of Pure Bottles

Walt Himelstein's initiative began at home where he used his basement and garage as workstations. The entrepreneur is confident of attracting many eco sensitive buyers who would to like have their own environmentally friendly bottles instead of buying beverages in one-time-use containers. Himelstein's entrepreneurial success is mostly attributed to his pharmaceutical training. He had worked extensively with chemicals stored in resilient glass bottles in laboratories before he came up with the idea of making reusable bottles. Walt Himelstein introduced the first reusable glass bottle in 2009 and refined it further to present the Pure bottle toward the end of 2010.

The reusable bottle was noticed by Marc Heinke, the president of Precidio Design Inc., Ontario. Marc Heinke met Himelstein at the International Home and Housewares Show held in Chicago in March 2012.

Heinke, who owns a company that makes home ware products, was more interested in making water bottles. Himelstein was happy to have found an established businessman to help him sell his reusable bottles in the international market. Since then, the two entrepreneurs have struck a joint deal to sell Pure bottles.

Reusable Pure Bottles: The Business of Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

The first retail outlet was set up at Baltimore. Himelstein used to receive constant feedback from his store representatives on his new product. Gary Godbey, the store manager said that the reusable bottles were an instant hit with the customers.

The company progressed rapidly with valuable suggestions from customers and persistent innovation on the bottle structure. Walt Himelstein had invested a capital of $100,000, but now the same amount is his annual turnover.

Walt Himelstein insists that the beverages have a better taste in glass bottles than in plastic containers. Pure bottle is available as a 17. 5 or 25 ounce bottle and is distributed in several wellness centers and health stores. The bottles are now sold on Fab.com, a well known online store.

The eco friendly promotional items are sold to exclusive retailers who cater to customers  willing to pay a higher price for glass bottles. Reusable bottles have found a large market in Australia, European countries and North America. The Pure bottles have stiff competition from companies selling steel and aluminum bottles. However, pure bottles have the advantage of a transparent contour.

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