Slow Food International by University of Wisconsin recently hosted a ‘Real Food Week' to educate students about clean and fair organic food. The food week was smartly scheduled around October 24 which is celebrated as the National Food Day.

One of the members of Slow Food International, Paige Kelly, said that the program was designed with the intention of raising awareness about organic food and promoting it in the campus.

Making the Students at University Aware of Importance of Organic Food

The members of Slow Food thought that such an initiative would be perfect for promoting locally grown food and organic food in the University. Kelly further said that ‘Real' food is grown locally and is organic. It uses eco-friendly methods of producing food and also treats animals in a fair manner. Real Food Challenge, which is the national institute behind the program, urged all the universities to reserve at least 20 percent of their budget for making ‘real food' available in their campuses.

Kelly said that University of Wisconsin spends around $4 million every year on its food. Around $1 million of it would have to be ‘real food'. To get closer to the target of making UW reserve 20 percent of its funds for ‘real food', Slow Food UW along with F.H King Students for Sustainable Agriculture will be hosting lectures, panels, eating events as well as movies to get campus members in sharing their ‘food story'.

Another group member, Jared Ottmann shared that Slow Foods is a very strong community. He said that their biggest aim is to create a lot of awareness, especially in universities where students hardly get to eat organic or ‘real food'. He further said that they are trying to get a few big sponsors too so that they can spread the message in a much larger and better way amongst the students in different universities.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Items Can Be Used to Promote Organic Food

Most university students do not get to eat locally grown organic food because their canteens don't provide it. If campuses start offering organic food, even students will get to benefit from it. It is not only a healthy choice but also a lot more sustainable. Big businesses and companies can help in promoting organic food in universities by making use of eco friendly promotional items. Apart from that they can also organize few campaigns to educate students on the topic.