The Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg has requested the residents of the city to get into food composting. Presently, not many cities offer pick up for composting food scraps. Only a few cities have started the initiative and have managed to garner some interest among the people.

How Will the Reclaimed Pet Bags Program Work?

It is estimated that people in the United States of America throw away around half the food they make. The main reason for this waste is that it either gets spoilt or people end up making more food than the required quantity. On an average, around 474 pounds of food makes its way to the trash every year in a typical American household.

Dianna Kennedy, with the help of Eureka Recycling is finding ways to create an interest among the people toward food composting. She said that this is a good time to start with food composting as people are already aware of the advantages of recycling and are willing to do their best to save the environment in every possible way.

She also added that this process is all natural where you just give back what you get from nature. So if the waste has been from an animal or plant, you just have to give it back to the earth which will compost it turning it into soil full of nutrients.

The main obstacle for the program is the cost involved and convincing people to be a part of it. Thomas Halbach, a professor of waste management in the University of Minnesota, is of the opinion that composting on a large scale is not easy. It requires resources and is costly too. It needs location, sites, land property, buildings, trained labor, and equipment. Apart from that, the smell and collection time of the compost is a big problem too.

Food Scraps and Reclaimed Pet Bags to Make Its Way Into Composting

People who are in favor of food composting have said that it will help the environment to a great extent and that it signifies a responsible lifestyle. Felicity Britton, a resident, said she makes sure that all the food scraps are thrown in the special recycling box that she has placed in her house. Food composting has become a habit for her and it makes her feel good by doing her bit for the environment. She also said that people don't need to be environmentalists to start composting. They can help by dumping food scraps, reclaimed pet bags, and other natural wastes into the compost bins.