Having a good time with your close ones and welcoming the New Year with fun and frolic is great, but what after you are done with the celebrations? Is it not your responsibility to ensure that you do not harm the environment while enjoying yourself? It definitely is and the residents of San Antonio have understood this fact very well. That is the reason they are making an effort to see to it that their city does not become a target of the ugly aftermath of the festive season. The residents of the city have 17 drop off locations to choose from where they can drop their fresh-cut Christmas tree for recycling.

Drop-Off Locations for Recycling Your Christmas Tree

Once the tress are brought at the drop-off locations, they will be recycled. These recycled trees will then be used for creating mulch. Residents will be able to give away their Christmas trees at these locations between 8 am to 1 pm on January 11 and 12. However, they will have to make sure that the trees remain free from plastic wrapping, nails, decorations and stands as these can hinder the process of recycling the tress. 'Flocked' Christmas tress decorated with artificial snow can also be dropped off here. Trees that stand taller than 6 feet will have to be cut in two before getting them to the drop-off location.

The Solid Waste Management Department of the city brought an end to curbside pickup practice way back in 2010. This step was taken as the statistics revealed that the demand for this service had come down. Another reason for this step was the difficulty being faced by the crew in loading the trees manually in the automated trucks. Since then, residents resorted to drop-off locations.

Tiffany Edmonds, spokeswoman of the department mentioned that the city has seen a collection of around 6000 tress in the last few years. She added that the decrease in the number of tress being brought at drop-off locations is due to people switching to reusable artificial trees.

Another Eco-Friendly Step to Take – Recycling Christmas Trees

Bringing in some sustainable habits in your lifestyle is perhaps the best way to begin the New Year. Apart from recycling Christmas tress or opting for reusable artificial trees, another eco-friendly option you can switch to is carrying your own wholesale reusable bags while shopping. This will ensure that the city does not have to deal with problems created by plastic bags.

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