Customers using El Paso refrigerators are getting the benefit of taking part in the El Paso Electric's refrigerator recycling initiative that has been reintroduced by the company recently. The customers can exchange their old refrigerators for $30. There would be a free pick-up service provided to the customers too. All that needs to be done is dialing their toll-free number and placing a request.

Recycling Program for Old Refrigerators

Old refrigerators often use three times the amount of electricity that most of the new models usually use. These scary figures pose a threat to the environment in addition to increased electricity costs. Exactly for this purpose, the refrigerator recycling initiative was introduced.

The initiative was launched back in 2010 and more than 5000 old refrigerators have been recycled till now. The movement is operated on behalf of a national appliance de-manufacturer, EPE, by JACO Environmental. The recycling is believed to save around $150 a year on electricity. Old refrigerators also bring down the home's energy-efficiency. The initiative greatly helps to reduce these numbers.

To take part in this recycling initiative, interested customers would have to call the toll free number 1-877-643-1956 and schedule a pick-up time with the company representative. The customers can also visit and fix up a suitable pick-up time. On giving away the old refrigerator, the customer would be instantly handed out the quoted amount.

El Paso Electric's Program Encouraging Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

El Paso Electric's recycling program makes it easy for the customers to improve the energy-efficiency of their homes considerably. Their effort to promote recycling is one of the many initiatives that companies are now taking to support the use of eco friendly promotional items. If more than 10 houses take part in the initiative and replace their old freezers, the amount of energy conserved will be quite significant.

Old refrigerators also contain harmful toxic materials which flow into the environment easily. Recycling prevents this harmful outflow. JACO Environmental recycles old refrigerators to make construction materials, computer parts, and cell phones.

Benefits of Recycling Old Refrigerators

Reducing considerable amount of your electricity bill, conserving energy sources, and protecting the environment from harmful toxins can be seen as the most important benefits of recycling your old refrigerators. In addition to these, you will be saved from the harmful effects of unhealthy metals and refrigerants that are found in old refrigerators.