Custom recycled bags are becoming more popular for the savvy and eco-friendly shopper. The bags are made out of recycled products such as soda bottles, post consumer products, and post industrial materials. They can be reused time and time again, saving on the costs and waste of countless plastic bags.

When you buy custom recycled shopping bags, you can customize just about everything on the bags. The color is yours to choose, and so is the design. Many buyers of these bags will chose their company logos, their names, or a personal artwork design. The only thing you can't choose about the bags is the material; all of the bags are made out of the same recycled plastic and other used materials.

Many companies are deciding to use recycled bags to help market themselves. Eco friendly bags give the company a good image; it lets the public know that the company is responsible and cares about sustainability. Companies can put their logos, as well as contact information or other relevant facts about themselves on these bags. Sometimes companies will give out custom bags for free; the visibility of these bags on the streets is enough free marketing to cover the costs of distributing the bags.

These custom recycled bags are a good choice for a couple of reasons. The most obvious is the reduction of waste. Plastic bags generate a huge amount of waste each year, and each person who uses a reusable bag reduces that unfortunate statistic. The second benefit to reusable bags is in its social effect. If more people begin to use reusable bags, then many people will begin to take notice and might choose to join in the sustainable effort. It only takes a handful of trendsetters to gain recognition for a good cause. Finally, the reason to choose custom recycled bags over generic ones is simply a matter of preference. If you are going to carry around a bag on a daily basis, it might as well be one that you like to look at.

Currently, the best outlet for buying recycled bags is the internet. has a wide variety of reusable bags made of cotton, hemp, jute, and recycled materials. They offer bags for different purposes, including wine bags, lunch totes, and everyday shopping bags. is another good outlet for finding custom recycled bags. Their bags are priced to sell in bulk; this website would be a good choice for companies looking to participate in the green effort.

Custom recycled shopping bags are on their way to becoming mainstream items. Hopefully, recycled bags will continue to gain in popularity, and we'll be able to eliminate the waste caused by single use plastic bags.