Planning the collection and disposal of recyclable waste is very important in the present time. The Montville Township has set an example in this matter by devising a precise collection program to be followed by all residents, which has resulted in an increased recycling tonnage and also helped reduce indiscriminate plastic waste.

Recycling Plastic Bags

Recycling plastic bags is no rocket science. Residents of Montville have successfully implemented a single stream curbside recyclable material collection program. This has resulted in a cleaner and greener township. Residents are required to keep recyclable materials, in appropriate containers, at the curb on the preceding evening of designated days when these materials are to be collected.

The materials may be old newspapers, office papers, magazines, promotional mail, telephone books, corrugated cardboard, aluminum cans, plates, trays, and foil, glass jars and bottles, plastic,steel or tin cans. These items need to be rinsed after having the top removed. It is important that residents be careful while recycling and sorting the waste so that it is easy to process the recyclable materials and cost of waste processing is reduced.

Waxy cardboard containers which come with milk, or orange juice, should be left out of recyclable materials. Plastic bags are not allowed in these bins and the authorities encourage as well as urge the residents to recycle but exclude plastic bags completely from this process. It is a good idea to opt for cheap custom bags, which are recyclable, instead of plastic bags.

The best way to recycle plastic bags is to either reuse them for your next grocery shopping or return them to the supermarket, if they accept used bags. Or else, you could find out non-profit organizations which distribute these bags to people who need them or even recycle these bags into other items like rugs, coasters, yoga mats, aprons and even stylish and trendy handbags.

Using Cheap Custom Bags and Recycling

Residents can use reusable bags instead of plastic bags. These cheap custom bags are easily available and are easy to recycle too. This will not only help in reducing the burden of non recyclable waste, but also help in keeping the environment clean.

For those who are environment conscious and wish to see their children growing up in a clean and healthy environment, reusable bags are the best option, as bags are needed everyday for various purposes but the menace of plastic bags also needs to be avoided at the same time. These bags are the best eco-friendly answer to your needs.