The community of West Hartford is slowly implementing a new and creative way to increase recycling participation rates, in the quest for a more environmentally friendly city. Regardless of where you live, your lifestyle, the size of your home, or the number of members in your family, what is clear is that at some point in time, you will have bulky items that are non-tradable or unmarketable. West Hartford government officials have sanctioned the city-wide recycling hauling company, Paine's with the task of picking up these unwanted items from residents' doorsteps, for particular permit fees.

Different Recycling Permit Categories in West Hartford 

Although some unwanted items can be donated to various charitable organizations located within the city of West Hartford, individuals do still encounter difficulties disposing of some items. For those unwanted items that cannot find a new home, Paine's provides an effective solution. Residents of Hartford can purchase four different types of permits from Paine's before scheduling a pickup visit from the recycling hauler. The new recycling scheme is all set to come into practice by July 1.

The first of these permits pertains to large mattresses and box springs. Such permits cost individuals a total of $45, and will be collected by Paine's every Wednesday. Residents need only to schedule a visit by 2 pm on Tuesday.

The second permit is for large and bulky items such as furniture, kitchen appliances, and other metallic objects. These permits amount to $36. Paine's will collect these items on the regular trash collection , as long as a visit is scheduled by 2pm on the previous business day. Individuals can also drop off particular items that do not fit in the recycling barrels provided, at the Recycling and Yard Waste Center.

No permits are required for these objects. It is also important to note that the revenues generated through these permits do not go towards recycling programs, but are only designed to offset Paine's own visitation expenditures. There are some limits extended on these permits, with individuals of West Hartford are encouraged to visit the Paine's official website to learn more about them.

How Can Eco-Friendly Promotional Items Be Recycled and Used?

The new scheme is primarily designed to encourage individuals to shift towards the use of more eco-friendly promotional items in their daily lifestyles. Upon acknowledging increased demand for such products, recycling and manufacturing companies would be incentivized to further invest in these products, resulting in far more sustainable day to day practices. Moreover, increased recycling activity will also naturally translate to reduced landfill dumping and overall environmental sustainability.