We have all, by now, probably seen a picture of a sea turtle choking on a plastic bag. There are even more reasons against single-use plastics, and green consumers still have a long way to go in terms of educating our peers about how to reuse items.

There are plenty of people who have written reusable bags off as a hassle. Reusable bags in stores may be highly overpriced. Some people may have tried and failed to remember to put their bags back in the car, or to bring them into the store with them. Custom Earth Promos is dedicated to debunking these prejudices for the good of the planet, beginning with an essential reason against reusing. A far cry from five-dollar shopping bags, our wholesale reusable bags, which include a free logo print, are available for your business starting at 39 cents each.

Our Reusable Designer Bag is an ideal way to make your business part of the green movement. For years, shopping bags have served as an advertisement in themselves. Wholesale reusable bags offer the chance to advertise your business as one that is invested in the future of the planet. For the introductory price of 39 cents per bag, your logo can be emblazoned in one color on a bag that shows your dedication to conserving. The Reusable Designer Bag's innovative trapezoidal shape adds to the appeal, proving that green can be chic. The bag measures 8-12"x10"x4", and comes in nine vibrant colors with black trim. The bag and removable insert are crafted from recycled plastic.

Our wholesale reusable bags come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. We offer a range of fabric choices including smooth or glossy recycled plastic fibers, organic cotton or jute, and ever-sustainable bamboo fiber. Starting at 65 cents each, our Reusable Grocery Bag is a perfect all-purpose shopping bag. With a dozen colors to choose from and a spacious rectangular interior that measures 13"x10"x5", this bag will be able to fly off your shelves at a very low cost.

Another popular choice among business owners is our Recycled Large Glossy Bag. Starting at 74 cents, this bag is an optimal blank canvas for great design pointing straight to your front door. This bag measures 13"x7"x15" and has featured the custom, multi-face designs of such national brands as the iconic tree bag from Whole Foods.

Reusable bags do much more than keeping plastic out of the stomachs of turtles and whales. They, along with other reusable promotion items, are an excellent destination for previously loved plastic to be recycled, preventing a little more new plastic from being created. For families with small children, they are a safe alternative to saving traditional plastic bags. For businesses, weaning your customer base off of single-use bags can save some money.