Respiratory face masks are essentials for daily life, but you need to know how to use them to prepare for the future. If you do not have masks, you cannot be truly safe. Start ordering custom respiratory masks so that you can help your business, community, and/or family prepare for virtually anything.

Custom Earth Promos has all the respiratory masks you need in several styles.

Choosing the Right Respiratory Face Masks

Choosing the best respiratory face masks requires you to think carefully about what setting you are in, if you want to reuse the masks, and how the masks fit. If you work in a field where you could easily get sick, you need an N95, KN95, or surgical mask that fits tight. You may need a canvas mask that will cover your nose and mouth, or you could try a soft mask that also has a front filter. In some cases, you need more than one style if you want to protect everyone you manage or have been charged to look after.

The front filter on a cotton mask or KN95 masks makes it easier to breathe, and an FDA-cleared surgical mask can fit very tight to your face without being uncomfortable. Canvas and cotton masks can pull across your face, tie in the back, or loop around your ears. You could even choose a padded mask that ties behind your head and allows for the perfect fit.

Ordering in bulk allows you to stay prepared because you never know how many masks you will actually need if another pandemic hits or your business is tasked with doing work that is potentially hazardous.

Choosing the Right Logo or Imprint

When you are ordering custom respiratory face masks, you want to add your logo to the front imprint area so that the mask serves as a promotional item. You could sell PPE, give them to customers, or use them at work. Branded merchandise that your employees use will make your business look that much better. You are showing that you are serious about everyone's health, but it also looks impressive when your customers see that you have branded merchandise for every employee.

Contact our customer service team at Custom Earth Promos to start your order for respiratory face masks that will keep you, your kids, your employees, and your community safe.