When you are using respiratory masks during the COVID-19 pandemic (or generally because you have horrible allergies or have been immunocompromised), you may not have been told how to use these masks. There are a few tips here that explain how to use a respiratory mask safely without being annoyed by any perceived discomfort the mask creates.

Custom Earth Promos has the respiratory masks you need, and you can use them safely in any situation.

Do Your Respiratory Masks Fit?

You must be sure that your respiratory masks fit. If they pull behind your ears, adjust them so that they are centered on your face. If the straps fit behind your head, spread them out to make sure the mask does not move. When you are using a traditional reusable mask, ensure that it pulls from your chin to the bridge of your nose.

Change the Internal Filters

When you are using cotton masks or reusable respiratory masks that have an internal filter, you should change that filter after a few uses. You can use coffee filters, carbon filters, or even cardboard in the sleeve. Plus, you should remove those filters to prevent any buildup on the filter.

Fully Inhale and Exhale

Your glasses will fog up or you will feel like your face is getting too hot while wearing respiratory masks. If you exhale fully, you can push hot breath out of the mask. When you inhale fully, you will actually remove the fog from your glasses. If you close your lips when exhaling, you will get cool air. That air can prevent your face and nose from feeling flushed.

When you place an order for masks at Custom Earth Promos, you can keep yourself and your family safe. If you're feeling uncomfortable, inhale fully and exhale fully. Make sure the max fits, and change the filters often to stay safe and healthy.