When you are shopping with us, you need to choose the best materials for each bag. We offer reusable bags made from a range of products. Each material is a little bit different. You can match the material to the needs of your business or the customer experience. This is a good way to choose seasonal items or select a bag that matches the personality of your business.

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Reusable Bags in Jute

We are starting with jute because it is a rustic and almost beachy material. You can build reusable bags from jute for your shop by the sea, a business that sells eco-friendly products, or organic products. You can use jute because it has a nice texture. A business might also use jute bags in the spring and summer because it reminds your customers of the sun and sea.


RPET is a material made from recycled water bottles. Just using this material is good for the planet. Taking bottles out of landfills and using them for good helps everyone. You can also print on the bag that you have used RPET. Some very large retailers do this, and it really works.

Cotton Bags

Cotton bags will degrade when they are thrown away because cotton is a natural material. You can have your reusable bags printed in any style you want, but the fabric is very soft and inviting. Give your customers a luscious cotton bag so they can enjoy the luxury shopping bag experience.

Reach out to us at Custom Earth Promos to get your order started right away. We can help you with reusable bags made from anything from polypropylene, bamboo, jute, RPET, paper, and more with our help.