Reusable bags can be earmarked for more than shopping. You might offer these bags as customers come through the door. Some companies sell their bags at the register. However, you might also use these bags to entice your customers to make purchases. Imagine how much more money you will make if you increase volume, unites per transaction, and your average dollar sale with a gift with purchase.

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Why a Gift With Purchase?

A gift with purchase is a simple way to get customers to buy more. When you create the gift with purchase, you are showing customers that they can buy a little more and get something extra. Throw a couple simple items in the bag, and customers will spend more to get the gift. Keep your customers guessing so they always need to come back to see what is next.

Use Special Reusable Bags

Reusable bags need to look special when they become part of a gift. You can start a promotion during every major or even minor holiday. Have reusable bags printed with the color and styling you want. You can get loyal customers to collect all these bags. Put a different gift in each bag, and customers will come back often because they are wondering what your latest gift with purchase is.

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