Ever spent hours wondering where you lost that pack of frozen peas that you bought just two days back? Surely, nobody could have gulped it down that fast! You remember keeping it in the chest freezer but then a thousand other things seemed to have buried the poor thing somewhere deep down. And now you have nothing to cook with for dinner. This could be a repeated episode in your life and you know what it calls for. Yes, the word is-organization!

But there is more to this. You may argue that you already use plastic containers and baskets for stocking up everything in your chest freezer, but there is an even better way of doing the same. Do it the ‘green' Way. Get rid of all that plastic and replace it with wholesale reusable bags instead. What is even better is that they seem to fit perfectly in accordance with the depth of the freezer and hence are extremely convenient storage options.

Plan of Action: Going Green with Your Chest Freezer

When you buy your groceries or visit a departmental store, you unknowingly get home a huge load of plastic that gets accumulated over a period of time. You can find plastic bags, bottles, and other such items that lead to environmental deterioration and add to the worrisome situation of global warming. When you discard all this plastic, it damages the marine eco-system and also has a negative effect on solid waste management. We all know when all this toxic waste is ingested by marine life, it makes its way into the human food chain. So becoming aware of these small changes in your lifestyle and taking on new habits such as using reusable bags is a great contribution towards environment betterment.

Once you get your grocery home, take everything out, categorize all the items and put them in reusable shopping bags to set in your chest freezer. There are different types of wholesale reusable bags available. Some are made from natural fibres such as jute and cotton. Man-made varieties are also available such as those made from non-woven polypropylene, a plastic. Even though in the latter case, you would still be using plastic, but you will end up replacing 520 one-use plastic bags per year by using green reusable grocery shopping bags only once a week.

Carry Your Wholesale Reusable Bags to Your Chest Freezer!

It might take time to remember taking the reusable grocery bags with you every time you decide to visit the grocery store. When you seem to have collected a few of the one-time use bags again, take them to the grocery store with you so that they can be reused by the store. In fact, you may get certain incentives from these stores for your eco-friendly effort of using reusable bags for grocery.

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