The Impact Reusable Bottles have on the Environment

These days the media and society as a whole are stressing over global warming and issues similar. But what people don't realize is that this isn't the biggest issue our earth is battling fiercely. With the growing popularity of soft drinks and water bottle companies claiming their water is more pure than what comes out of your faucet, recycling is one of the biggest issues, if not the biggest issue our world is facing today. Recent studies have shown that less than have of the water bottles bought on a daily basis are being recycled. Which means million of bottles are being tossed into the garbage can every day. With soda and juice in plastic bottles these days and the growing popularity of both, the landfills are growing with items that shouldn't even be there. The invention of reusable bottles is a fantastic one I believe, the creating of this product will help reduce and maybe, by a long stretch, eliminate senseless acts such as throwing away an item that can easily be recycled.

Besides having reusable bottles as a great way to help protect the environment and slow down on the filling up of landfills, these products have yet another good quality about them. They are inexpensive. I'm not saying every type is cheap, but if you do a little bit of research and shop around you will find that glass bottles are the cheapest and easily reusable. You can store any drink you'd like in them including iced tea, sports drinks and juice, they are safe to use knowing no harmful chemicals were included in the process of production and last but not least, they are easy to clean; they are dishwasher friendly. Additionally, the mouth piece is sizable to easily include ice, tea bags and any fruit you'd like added to your drink. There are only a couple of downfalls about the glass, one being that it cannot take the pressure from carbonated drinks such as soda and it's not recommended to freeze these kinds of bottles due to the fact that they can easily break.

Do Your Part in Saving the Environment with Reusable Bottles

If you'd like to decrease your pop intake and do your part in saving the planet from large amounts of waste then purchasing glass bottles that are designed to be reused would take care of both.