An important step in the direction of environment sustainability has been taken by Clarkson University. The dining services of this university has decided to add reusable “to go” to be used in the dining halls within the campus. This furthers the sustainability efforts of the university.

Reusable Containers on the Go

The University of Clarkson's has entered into a partnership program with the Clarkson's Institute for a Sustainable Environment. In addition, they are also using environment stewardship platform, Aramark's Green Thread which has enabled them to use “to go” reusable containers in their dining halls, according to Clarkson Dining Services/Aramark marketing manager Courtney Evans.

It is estimated, according to Aramark, that in the first semester, more than 15,000 disposable boxes would no longer enter in the landfills because of the use of to go containers. The reusable containers are purchased for $5 by students. The empty boxes are returned by them to a collection machine, and then they get a token for the next box. In addition, dirty boxes will be exchanged by the two dining locations for clean, and sanitized containers.

The token system will also be advantageous for the students. They will have the flexibility to drop away their used “to go” containers any time, any where they choose. They will not have to worry about carrying the dirty box in their bag. They no longer need to carry it to class or work. They will not require retrieving the same from the residence whenever they need a clean one.

Eco-Friendly Bags and Reusable Containers Can Help

Eco friendly bags can make a huge difference to the environment. The use of reusable eco-friendly bags will further promote the reduction of waste in the college campus. Most of the students and staff within the campus use bags for a variety of reasons. The traditional bags are often damaging to the environment, because they could be either plastic bags or bags made from materials that are not easily bio-degradable. As a result most of them eventually go to landfills. However, eco friendly bags usually made of clothes that are reusable and recyclable will promote environmentalism within the campus.