The students of Ashland University will see a new and better change in their canteens very soon. The university is all set to provide reusable takeout containers to its students. G.E.T Enterprises Inc. will be providing these eco-friendly containers to the university. This step by the university will make it a part of the businesses and colleges that are already under this Eco-Takeout program by G.E.T.

Reusable Containers and Wholesale Totes for the University Students

The students of the university will be able to purchase these reusable containers made from polypropylene for the price of a meal which is about $6.50. They will be given these containers when they buy food to-go in the campus. The students will be required to rinse these containers after they finish eating and place them back in the receptacles in the campus.

Before being circulated again, these containers will be thoroughly washed and sanitized. Director of the auxiliary services provided at Ashland University, Matt Portner, said that next time when the students need to buy the to-go meal, all they have to do is pick the container and the same cycle will continue. He also said that the staff and the faculty of the university are allowed to participate in this program.

This program was initiated by one college student who had gained a grant. He created the concept and pitched this idea to G.E.T. Between 2008 and 2009 the company started working on the program. A marketing spokesperson of G.E.T, Travis McCarroll said that many corporate campuses and universities in the US have been using this Eco-Takeout program. He added that this program is getting popular lately. It has gone beyond the universities. Many food trucks in Portland too have opted for these containers.

G.E.T says that these containers are safe to use in the microwave as well as commercial dishwashers. They have an average life of 1 to 2 years and can last for up to 500 to 700 uses. They are made from recyclable PP which makes them resistant to breakage.

Embracing Eco-Friendly Ways With Reusable Containers and Reusable Wholesale Totes

It is very important to make students follow an eco-friendly lifestyle as they are the future of the nation. Using eco-friendly options like reusable containers, reusable wholesale totes, recyclable bags, and so on is one of the few step steps taken by students to keep the planet clean and free from pollution.