Reusable Custom Trade Show Boat Bags are a major stress reliever for our customers who have upcoming trade shows, as preparation for these events can cause much anxiety. Anyone that has participated in a trade show knows how stressful they can be. There are so many competitors that it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd. Custom Earth Promos offers our reusable custom trade show boat bags to help relieve this burden. Our reusable boat bags are eighteen inches wide, fifteen inches high and made of non-woven propylene material. Reusable custom trade show boat bags come in black and lime, black and purple, navy and white, red and black, khaki and forest green, royal and black, lime and royal, and white and black, to ensure that you can select the color scheme that best matches your logo.

The fabric of our trade show boat bags makes them easy to clean, reuse, and when they are worn out, recycle. The bag is designed to be very spacious so you can easily fit promotional material inside to give to clients, and after the trade show is over, the clients can use the bag for shopping. Our reusable custom trade show boat bags come equipped with a top zipper and twenty seven inch handles, and with an eight inch by five inch imprint area your brand will stand out.

Promote Your next Event with Reusable Custom trade show Boat Bags

Custom Earth Promos strives to make not only the highest quality products, but products that meet the highest environmental standards. The reusable custom trade show boat bags are an excellent example of this, and are sure to help you stand out from competitors. Contact Custom Earth Promos directly for wholesale information regarding our reusable custom trade show boat bags or any of our other great promotional products!