When a company already has a customer's business, they will want to make sure that the customer comes back. What is the best way to do this? Keeping your logo in front of them is certainly the best way to do this. There are different advertising strategies to do this, but the most effective marketing strategy that is used to do this is by putting your logo on reusable recycled grocery bags. Your customer's will receive one of these bags every time they go shopping at your store and will have them scattered around their home. Your logo will constantly be in front of them. They will never throw the grocery bags away because they are reusable.

The greatest thing that customers love about these type of grocery bags is their light weight. Even though they are light, they are also very strong and give great stability. The area on the grocery bags that your logo will appear is 5 inches wide and 9 inches high. If you already have a company logo with particular colors and want that exact logo imprinted on your reusable recycled grocery bags, that is not a problem.

These bags are very durable and are very colorful. There is no doubt that your company's logo will pop out and catch attention. The great thing about self promoted advertising on reusable bags is that you are not only advertising to one person. Sure, you are advertising to your customer, but you are also advertising to everyone else that your customer comes in contact with. This includes their family, friends and acquaintances. That is not all though, you are also advertising to everyone who looks at the bag when your customer is walking around other places shopping.

Another thing that you will want to remember is that customers appreciate companies that care about important things. Due to the bags being recyclable, your customers will appreciate the fact that your company cares about the environment. Some customers will even spread the word about it, and your company will become known as one that cares about the earth. Even though some may not feel that this is a big issue, things like this go a long way sometimes and can help a business substantially.