It makes perfect sense really. You go to the store to shop for one or two people and end up with 3 or more plastic bags that will go right into the trash and fill up a landfill for who knows how long. On top of that, the energy use required to manufacture them could be conserved for more important uses.

At least that is how the California legislature saw it when they enacted a regulation that was promulgated by a successful ballot measure to end the practice of grocery stores handing out plastic or paper bags to customers. Unfortunately, while many people were waiting in anticipation of the changeover, the date came and went and grocery stores are still handing out plastic or paper bags to customers.

Thankfully, the ballot measure at least raised awareness among people that hadn't considered bringing their own bag before. And today, the number of people bringing their own custom reusable shopping bags to the store in order to cart away their groceries continues to grow.

Which brings us to another inconvenient truth. The most commonly stated reason that people have for not taking their own bag to the store is that they do not have attractive shopping bags to take in on hand.

So if you are environmentally conscious and want to promote local change, a good way to get started is to go online to stores like, where you can find almost any type of custom reusable shopping bags imaginable. When you are finished looking for yourself, consider making them a gift item for friends that might be interested in taking their own bag in. While they are practical, they are also a great deal as a gift for someone who already has everything. And of course, you will be promoting positive environmental change with your purchase.

A second reason that people often give for not bringing bags in is that the sheer bulk of the groceries that they buy each trip often make it hard to fathom bringing enough bags in to cover the entire purchase. If you have 4 small bags and purchase weekly, you might find that you do need more in order to bag everything up.

One of the nice things about the selection that you can find online is that there are oversize bags that fold down into almost nothing at all. With two or three oversize bags, you should be able to handle almost any type of purchase.

Even if you do not have large purchases, many people like to separate their foods within the bags so that the meat or dairy items are in a separate bag from the fresh food items like vegetables and fruits. However you decide to organize it, when you are ready to get started will have what you are looking for.