Join the Train Ride to a Better Life and Make Earth a Better Place

Everyone is coming on board the train sweeping all across the nation with the singular aim of saving our beloved earth. Certainly, you would not want to be left out. Reasons abound for this clarion call. Top among them is the fact that we have just one earth, and we will have to live with whatever we make of it. Transforming the earth a better place and making it interestingly habitable is not a day's job. We have to do it one step at a time. This way, we will achieve our goal in no time. Our first line of action is getting everyone to start using custom reusable shopping bags. If we do not relent in our pursuit of this objective, nothing less than 90% of the American population will be using reusable bags within the next 5 years.

Here is a run-down of the benefits of using custom reusable shopping bags:

• Reusable bags protect trees.
• Reusable bags prevent water from impurities.
• Reusable bags protect gas and oil from impurities.
• Reusable bags prevent air pollution.
• Reusable bags protect our oceans from impurities.
• Reusable bags save our sea creatures.
• Reusable bags are cost effective.
• Reusable bags are useful to our families.

We can go on stating the benefits of a custom reusable shopping bag in this fashion; they seem inexhaustible. Perhaps knowing the massive damage reusable bags alternatives like plastic bags do to our environment will better help us appreciate the invaluable good we enjoy by using reusable bags.

To start with, it is important we get some facts straight about plastic. Plastic does not fully decompose. It only breaks down into smaller pieces after a process of photo degradation. There is yet no known organism capable of converting plastic, so it remains as it is in rivers, oceans and landfills. A survey focusing on the North Pacific Ocean in 1998 reveals that 89% of resident waste was basically plastic products. Many sea species have gone into extinction because of the large quantity of plastic waste in seas and oceans. Whales, dolphins and sea turtles among others mistake plastic bags for food, leading to the painful deaths of these sea creatures.

Make Earth a Better Place When You Choose Custom Earth Promos

People have proffered different ways of eradicating or reducing the menace of plastic bags on our environment. Some have come up with the idea that people should recycle the plastic bags they already have by putting them to various uses; they could use them to hold garbage instead of purchasing new plastic garbage bags. While this idea is not totally insensible, completely opting for custom reusable bags remains the best option. What is bad should be eradicated; what is good should be upheld.