In today's day and age, the amount of money spent on bringing down an existing construction can add up to a large sum. In addition, a lot of time is also spent in the process which leaves behind debris and puts the life of workers at risk. These factors saw the need for the introduction of the Concrete Deconstruction Robot – ERO.

Robot for Concrete Deconstruction

Recycling equipment for buildings has been in existence for some time now and works by reprocessing construction material such as metal, glass, wood, and concrete. However, the job it does is complex, messy, and consumes a lot of time. The process can also be risky due to the material that is used. In addition, a lot of energy and water is required for the process. Once pulled down, the rebar and concrete make their way to recycle stations outside the city, where they are separated by hand.

Omer Haciomeroglu felt that a better option was needed to make the job safer while increasing the efficiency and improving work conditions. This is what led to the birth of ERO – a Concrete Deconstruction Robot that helps pull down concrete structures so that the material can be reused for prefabricated structures.

The number of robots needed would depend on the size of the structure that has to be pulled down. Scrutinizing the area and establishing an effective, synchronized work plan is the first step.

The robots make use of water jets and centrifugal force for separation. Hydro demolition or the use of high-pressure water jets helps peel off the concrete surface without causing any damage to the metal framework that holds the structure together. A centrifugal decanter is then used to separate the solid components from the liquid. The dried ground concrete can be used to make new building blocks on site, allowing the immediate reuse of material for a new structure.

The ERO is an environment-friendly option since it restricts the use of energy and water while ensuring less wastage in the form of unusable debris. Due to these benefits, it received The 2013 IDEA or International Design Excellence Award from the Industrial Designers Society, America in the category – Students Design.

Concrete Use of Environment-Friendly Promotional Items

Our planet has provided us with a host of natural resources. However, we often forget that these resources are gradually getting depleted and conservation, as well as sensible thought, is the need of the hour.

We all can be of help to the environment by just making sensible choices that prevent wastage of valuable resources. Simple things such as switching off lights and appliances when not in use, using fuel sensibly, proper waste management techniques and recycling waste products can go a long way in preserving the environment. Various business enterprises are also doing their bit by opting for eco-friendly promotional items that help create awareness.