RPET is a unique material that is made from recycled water bottles. In an effort to make a difference in the world, RPET is used at Custom Earth Promos to make custom bags that alter your business plan. You give your customers two good selling points at once when you use RPET bags, and there is a look below at what you should do when working with us.

Check out Custom Earth Promos right now to see some RPET bags and how they can be designed with help from our friendly staff.

Why Use RPET Bags?

RPET bags are perfect for your business because you have likely seen other businesses using the material. The material is made from recycled water bottles. Soft and simple bags make a difference, and "green" bags indicate what your business model is. As a result, you can print on RPET bags. Why not make a statement to your customers and potential customers? Making a statement is bigger than buying a billboard. Everything you do speaks to what customers want.

How Do You Design Your Bag?

Designing your bag should be fun, but you must use the proper colors and fonts. The color and font must stand out. The bag needs to be easy to read, and we help you with that. Plus, we know how to add the little note that we used RPET on the bag. The note speaks to customers. Customers want information about your business plan, and the bag tells the story.

RPET Is Strong

RPET is strong. That's just how it is. We create 160-180 GSM bags, and that means that you get the strength and durability that you need. Work with us at Custom Earth Promos today to learn what you can do to design and print your custom bags. You get the colors and styles you need. Businesses get a "green" bag, and you get options for marketing or advertising. You save money on advertising, and your marketing dollars go farther because of where they go when they leave the shop with your customers.