SAVE or Students Advocates for Valuing the Environment is a voluntary body actively involved in recycling programs. They have decided to reverse their last decision to cease recycling plastic drives after November. Now they plan to continue with the program up until the time when a permanent program is in place.

S.A.V.E Continues Keeping the City from Recycling Plastic

The current recycling program is running in the city of Helena. The city does not accept plastics for recycling while it accepts card boards and some other materials. Earlier SAVE had plans to stop after the November recycling drive, but later on the same day, they reversed this decision and now plan to continue with citywide recycling drive.

The SAVE representatives, including Matt Elsaesser, were aware that the city needed an ongoing program. The current program has grown too big with risk to the SAVE volunteers in the winter events. SAVE Chairman, Tyler Evilsizer held meeting with the city officials and later announced that the drives against plastic would continue.

SAVE is clear that permanent plastic recycling is needed by the city. This position was laid out during the budget process of the city. They had hoped that a city sponsored program was likely before the New Year. However, after the meeting the SAVE chairman came to the conclusion that an effective transition to the permanent program may take a while. However, the city staff wanted the SAVE to continue with the program. Interestingly, the program has grown ten folds over the last seven years.

However, the program has admittedly outgrown the volunteer driven capacity of the events. Given the scale of collections, the huge popularity that the program enjoys and the challenges to maintain safety in a parking lot. In the opinion of the SAVE chairman, since Helena was interested in a permanent program, the program would continue until a permanent program was in place.

Using Eco-Friendly Items to Promote Recycling Plastic

Recycling will definitely help save the environment. However, successful recycling is possible only with eco friendly promotional items. While it is easy to recycle organic products, recycling of plastics is difficult if not impossible. The problem with the plastics is that it creates huge amount of non-recyclable trash and pollutants. It clogs the drainage and pollutes the land and water. Burning of plastic products releases dangerous gases which pollute the environment. The continuous production of plastics endangers and threatens the environment we live in. Therefore, it is critical to promote eco-friendly products because they are non polluting, recyclable, and therefore environmentally safer.