Who doesn't love the latest must-have gadget? From the new iPhone to the next best, top-rated smart TV, getting your hands on the latest technology is always exciting. But as advancements in technology continue, more and more of the gadgets we use today will become obsolete.

In fact, the average mobile customer already owns two unused cell phones in addition to their current mobile device, and only 11 percent of mobiles are recycled, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's data. That's a pretty staggering stat when you consider how quickly new smartphone models are released.  

However, mobile phones aren't the only pieces of tech that aren't being recycled. Laptops, monitors, TVs, printers, tablets and other electronic devices have all become what is known as e-waste as soon as they aren't wanted anymore. And e-waste isn't always easy to recycle which is pretty apparent when you look at recent electronic waste records across the globe. In 2014, the amount of e-waste was equivalent to 1.15 million heavy trucks forming a line 14,300 miles long.

Though disappointing, these statistics inspired us to share with you, our favorite tips on how to recycle and responsibly dispose of your old gadgets.

Make the Most of Corporate Recycling Programs

Corporate companies like Staples, Dell, Sprint, Sony, and LG to name just a few of many, make it easy to dispose of old electronic gadgets. Best Buy for instance, takes nearly every type of electronic device including televisions, laptops, cameras, monitors, etc. All you have to do is simply visit your nearest store and drop off your items at the service desk.

Sell Old Tech On eBay, Craigslist, or Through Another E-Commerce Company

E-commerce companies such as eBay and Craigslist allow for people to sell their used electronics and devices online. Sites like Gazelle and USell were solely developed with this idea in mind.

Tip: Before you begin listing your old gadgets for sale, don't forget to wipe your devices clean.

Donate Old Gadgets to Non-Profits

What could be better than recycling and supporting a good cause at the same time? By donating your old electronic devices to nonprofit ventures, you're essentially recycling them and putting them back into use. There are nonprofits and programs out there dedicated to refurbishing and delivering cell phones and other electronics to those in need.