Safety should always be a priority, but it can truly become a focal point over the holidays. As you consider what you want to gift your friends and loved ones, also consider the planet. You can read more about safety around the holidays here. Plus, thinking in this manner requires a little bit more creativity.

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Why Consider Safety During the Holidays?

Holiday safety stretches from using appropriate plugs and outlets for Christmas lights along with giving gifts that are appropriate for kids. A lot of toys are cheap and made from plastic. Of course, that plastic isn’t biodegradable. At the same time, it’s so cheap that it’s everywhere. Do your best to find something that is both eco-friendly and safe.

Holiday Safety in Gift-Giving

Holiday safety can move into how you give gifts. As a business owner, you can make a big difference for your customers by selling reusable bags and totes for the purpose of giving gifts. Think about how powerful that is. You can turn that into a selling point for your business. “Give this gift in the bag.”

You can also stop carrying wrapping paper or only carry wrapping paper made from recycled materials.

Be Careful With Small Gifts

One more thing to consider is how small gifts are and how many moving parts they have. Giving gifts with small parts or anything that shoots or flies could be a problem. Add small children and pets into the mix, and it’s that much more serious. Be thoughtful before choosing your gifts.

You can read more about gift safety here.

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