The City Council of San Diego recently came out with an ordinance that proposes ban of plastic bags in the city. The Rules and Economic Development Committee of the City Council came out with the unanimous decision of directing the staff to bring an ordinance on plastic bag ban.

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Under this proposed ordinance, use of plastic bags will be prohibited in grocery stores as well as retail outlets including supermarkets and large stores that supply clothes, plus drug, food, convenience, hardware. In addition to that, these stores will also have to charge an amount of 10 cents to its customers, in case they ask for paper bags. This fee will not be applicable on nonprofits, restaurants, produce and meat products as well as food stamp recipients.

Chairwoman of the Committee, Sherri Lightner said that San Diego is on its way to be counted among the biggest cities to take a constructive step for saving the environment. She said that this move is not just about inculcating a good habit among the residents but also about saving the landfills, waterways, canyons, and oceans.

She also requested the residents of the city to take this ordinance in a good way and go for an environment friendly lifestyle. She complained that most of the residents do not return their plastic bags for recycling to the stores. Apart from this they also forget their reusable and recycled bags in their cars while out for shopping.

To get the best results for this ordinance, the committee has suggested the office of the Mayor to organize outreach efforts with businesses that will be impacted by this ordinance as well as with environmental groups. It has also asked the office to the Attorney of the city to draft a rule.

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The City Council of San Diego feels that residents can easily make a switch from plastic bags to reusable bags. They have plenty of options when it comes to reusable bags like custom printed recycled bags, cloth bags, canvas bags, totes and so on.

San Diego has adopted this eco friendly measure by getting inspired from its neighbor Solana Beach. Around 80 cities in California have already gone the environment friendly way and implemented plastic bag ban. This bag ban by San Diego will help the city to a great extent in curbing all its plastic waste issues.