PoopBuddy has taken the initiative to instill a sense of responsibility in pet owners while reducing pollution, with an element of fun. The company now offers a delivery service for its chic range of eco-friendly waste bags for dog poop. A part of the proceeds from the sale of these bags will go to Dog Rescue Groups and the World Wildlife Fund.

Chic Eco Bags for Dog Waste

Times are changing and so is the way we treat our pets! Many individuals won't leave a stone unturned to ensure that their pets have the best. This is evident from the increasing demand for exclusive, fashionable accessories for dogs.

Keeping this and the need for curbing pollution in mind, PoopBuddy came up with the novel idea of introducing a delivery service for Eco-Chic Poop Bags for dog poop. This is a unique effort aimed at encouraging people to join the fight against pollution of water.

There are a number of convenient and affordable monthly subscription plans that offer 80 to 90 eco-friendly poop bags in a variety of designs, styles, and attractive colors. To add to the trendy outlook, the bags are biodegradable and are an excellent substitute for plastic bags. A month's supply of bags should be enough for two to three walks per day.

Start up investor and dog lover – Marissa Verson Harrison stated that they hoped to make scooping up poop a more enjoyable activity through the use of trendy poop bags that were delivered at no charge at all. She also mentioned that they hoped to motivate people to change their habits, especially considering that almost 40 percent of the dog owners didn't bother to pick up after their dogs.

Harrison added that she thought that poop, being a natural part and parcel of life, would just ‘blend back into nature'. Little did she know that harmful bacteria from dog poop seeped into water tables, resulting in contamination.

It was only in the mid-nineties that scientists discovered that a portion of the dangerous bacteria present in water came from dog waste that was washed into water bodies. A constant supply of fashionable bags will surely help curb the pollution caused by dog poop.

The ban on plastic bags in many cities, the emphasis on style as well as design, and the booming online pet industry all work in favor of the manufacturing and distribution of these designer bags for dog waste. Harrison stated that the company hoped to bring about a change in the behavior of pet lovers through their cool business model and their direct distribution policy.

Stylish Use of Eco-Friendly Promotional Items to Clean Dog Waste

Eco bags rank among the top eco friendly promotional items since they are an excellent alternative for cleaning up dog poop. Being attractive and stylish, dog lovers are free of the embarrassment that is normally accompanied with carrying around poop. These bags have also helped develop a sense of responsibility and pride among dog owners.

Earlier, responsible pet owners picked up dog poop in plastic bags. These bags weren't the best option since they are not biodegradable. So they end up remaining in landfills for years, during which time they emit harmful gases into the environment. Due to the availability of these eco-friendly poop bags, the use of plastic bag has reduced manifold.

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