Due to the light weight of polyethylene, the bags fly across the fences and land on highways. The plastic bags also litter parks, waterways and beaches. The bags impose a great threat to marine life because they nibble on plastic bags mistaking them for food or get tangled in them.

The bags clog storm drains and cause overflow. Moreover, the usability of plastic bags often does not exceed 12 minutes after which the bags are discarded as trash.

Decomposition is very slow due to the non- biodegradable quality of the plastic bags. Also, use of plastic bags, deplete reserves of petroleum, a non-renewable fuel.

Santa Fe Public Hearing Arranged for Proposed Plastic Ban Ordinance

Before introducing the plastic ban in Santa Fe, an advisory committee has been set up to hear the public opinion. Though the ordinance has still not been issued, representatives of the plastic industry have begun their protests against it.

If the ordinance is issued in Santa Fe, carry-out bags made of plastic would be prohibited in stores across the city. A fee would also be imposed on paper bags distributed by the stores.

Students at the Wood Gormley Elementary school have already drafted a petition in favor of the ban. Stores across the city have stopped distribution of plastic bags and begun to encourage the use of wholesale reusable bags. People propounding the idea highlight the ill effects of plastic litter.

The ban is certainly a commendable measure towards conserving the environment. However, optimum results can obtained only if people completely shun the use of plastic and go beyond the provisions of such ordinances.

Shopping Experience Redefined by Use of Wholesale Reusable Bags in Santa Fe

Consumers can show their commitment to preserve the environment by compulsively using recycled shopping bags for shopping. Reusable totes are an excellent way to encourage people to be more environment-friendly.

Also, these reusable bags can be used as marketing tools to promote businesses. The brand named is easily propagated by use of promotional bags that bear the brand label.

From a business perspective, businesses that cater to promotional products are instantly slotted as green businesses. Customers with some sensitivity to cleanliness and efficiency are immediately taken in by such businesses and contribute to their sales cycle.

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