The recycling trend has swept across almost all American states. It is found that a high percentage of Americans adopt individual recycling practices and make a conscious effort to choose recycled products.

Recycled Plastics That Have Hit The Market

Clothes: Advanced recycling technologies are used to incorporate recycled plastic into accessories and fabrics. Fashion designers are extensively using plastic threads extracted from beverage bottles for weaving into clothes.

The process of extraction involves cleaning, melting, and stretching plastic into fine threads that can be interwoven into t-shirts, jackets, and dresses. The chic garments are available in most well-known retail outlets.

Furniture: Attractive furniture can be crafted out of recycled high density polyethylene plastic. The plastic is extracted mainly from milk cans and is used to make durable chairs, tables, and benches.

The furniture made out of this recycled plastic is strong, weather-resistant, and requires less maintenance. Almost 8 milk cans are required to build one pound of plastic furniture; in this way, several milk cans that would otherwise have been dumped in landfills, are put to better use.

Kitchenware: Companies are dishing out stylish kitchenware from recycled materials. The polypropylene plastic of bottle caps and food packaging can be molded into a range of kitchenware such as cutting boards, mixing bowls, utensils and storage containers. The recycled products last long and are shatter resistant.

Construction materials: The versatility and durability of recycled plastics make them a popular choice for use in construction material. Outdoor decks can be made out of a combination of reclaimed wood and recycled plastic bags. Fences can also be made out of recycled material; the fencing made out of such elements is sturdy and don't need to be painted.

Toys: Online stores showcase many toys made of recycled materials. Tea sets, building blocks, and toy trucks are made out of recycled plastic. Even sophisticated toys with stuffed fabric can be made using recycled plastic. Recycled plastic toys offer a means to educate children on the importance of caring for the environment.

Benefits of Turning Recycled Plastics into Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

By recycling plastic into high quality eco friendly promotional items like our recycled bags, consumers can help conserve the environment. A lot of waste that would've been discarded in landfills is diverted for use in recycling facilities. Environmental pollutants are reduced and people are given an opportunity to explore their creative potential.