Much of our world's focus has been pulled towards our world's pending environmental destruction. Landfills are filling up faster than ever before, our natural resources are being used at a record rate, and extinction of marine life from man-made pollution has become a far too common occurrence. Big problems, that are only getting worse with each generation. So where do we start? Actually, it's as easy as a trip to the grocery store. The answer is simple: recyclable bags. Something to consider: Assume that you visit the grocery store once a week to buy groceries for you and your family. Each visit, you bring home 5 plastic grocery bags packed with your assorted goods. After 52 weeks (1 year), that 5 plastic bags has grown into 260 bags, just for one household. Assuming you live to be 75 years old, you could easily use a total of 19,500 plastic bags in your lifetime. Just to tote mac and cheese! Of course with the knowledge that this is an educated hypothetical scenario, the actual statistics are not looking promising. There are approximately 1 trillion plastic bags used every year worldwide and it takes a whopping 1,000 years to break down a single bag. That is a long time!

So what is the easy answer? Recyclable bags have become a growing trend so we are definitely showing improvement in the right direction! The reusable bags available at are the way to go. Their selection of bags are eco-friendly using products like cotton, jute and bamboo, extremely cost efficient (starting as low as .49 cents per bag) and can easily be customized to help promoted your company's personalized image. With a large variety of sizes and styles available, they are sure to have something for everyone. Visit their website at to browse their selection, colors, and styles. Quotes are available upon request.

With only one world, it's important to pay attention when things seem to be going wrong. Consider switching bags one of the easiest ways to stay green and help point our environment's recovery in the right direction. Shop green, shop happy!