Nice bottles of beer and wine are among the most common gifts that people give for birthdays, weddings, family events, graduations, and just about any other celebration you can imagine. At any given time, people are getting these bottles handed to them buy the dozens, and no matter how much you spend on your gift, unless the person is a real connoisseur, it will be lost on them and just blend into the mix of everything else they've received. It may sit on their counter for months before they open it, or may end up giving it to someone else as a gift, overwhelmed by the number of bottles they have sitting on their kitchen counter. One great way to distinguish your gift from the rest is with a seed paper bottle necker. Every time I give a bottle of wine or good beer as a gift, I make sure to include one to ensure that the person knows who they received it from, and it is an extra nod to the amount of thought you put into getting something special for the person

Custom Earth Promos offers a great variety so that you are sure that the seed paper bottle necker you choose corresponds with your gift, and makes it all the more meaningful. Each seed paper bottle necker is handmade from 100% recycled industrial paper, and is fully plantable, meaning that after the person is done with it, they can add it to their compost pile, making it a great, eco friendly alternative to other bottle neckers that you may find in your local liquor store. You can even add a custom message to your seed paper bottle necker, making it even more personalized, and add a message depending on the occasion. A custom seed paper bottle necker can also be a great addition to your inventory if you own a beer or wine distributor, as you can accompany each purchase with a colorful reminder of your shop and is sure to distinguish you from competitors. Every seed paper bottle necker is offered with competitive pricing, and you can always contact Custom Earth Promos directly to set up a bulk order.