People are usually split on the issue, some love having house guests and entertaining, while other people would rather be run over by a tractor trailer than deal with people in their homes creating messes that they have to clean up. I personally have always liked to entertain, but one of my biggest pet peeves when I have people over are the small rings that always appear on my wooden tables when the guests leave. Have people ever heard of coasters? It seems like out of a group there is always at least one that puts down their cold can or glass with ice without thinking and it always results in a permanently stained table. It drives me crazy, and when I was living at home, I would constantly be reminded by my mother to put my drinks on a coaster to prevent that same problem.

Hand out Promotional Seed Coasters at Your next Trade Show

At Custom Earth Promos, we offer a wide selection of seeded coasters. They're available in every color imaginable from chartreuse to plain white, and are all made from handcrafted, 100% recycled paper. The entire coaster is plantable, meaning that when you are finished using it, you can put it in your compost pile instead of the trash, making them a great eco friendly alternative to traditional coasters. The seed paper that the seed coasters are made out of is embedded with wildflower seed mix, and there is even an option to develop a custom seed mix if you choose. Full-color printing is included in all the coasters we offer using water-based ink, and double-sided printing is an option with four printing methods to choose from. All of our seeded coasters are great from the home, but are again all totally customizable and would make a great promotional product with your company logo printed on one or both sides of the seeded coaster. Whether you're ordering these for your home or business, custom seeded coasters are always handy to save a beautiful wooden table from the dreaded ring stain.