I rely so much on my phone to wake me up in the morning, track my results when I run, to call and get calls from people, to send and receive texts, without my phone I feel lost and when the battery dies I realize how dependent I am on this little computer. Recently I have realized that putting all of my eggs in one basket is a recipe for disaster, as I've missed appointments and even been off on what day it is when my phone malfunctions, which, like all technology, it tends to do from time to time. For this reason I bought a seed paper calendar, and set an alarm clock next to my bed as a backup for when my phone fails to wake me up.

Stay Organized and Eco-Friendly with a Seed Paper Calendar

With all the technology at our disposal, something like a seed paper calendar can seem antiquated, but I have found that it is never wrong, always there, and not reliant on being charged or subject to malfunctioning. It is in some ways comforting to know that regardless of what happens, my seed paper calendar can always tell me the correct date, and will always have the notes and appointments that I wrote it in ready for me when I look at it. Custom Earth Promos provides a great of choices so that you can get the right seed paper calendar for you. Every seed paper calendar is spiral bound with twelve colorful pages and there is an option to get a six-page version with two-sided printing to further reduce waste. Each page is plantable meaning that when you are done with your calendar you can put it in your compost heap instead of recycling it or throwing it away. Going back to doing things in a way that may seem antiquated can sometimes be good for us as we rediscover new ways to be efficient and in my ways different options available for solving problems that we felt we were incapable of experiencing because of all the technology at our disposal.