Share Green Core Values With Seeded Paper and Seeded Computer Paper Products

For those with strong pro-environmental values, sharing these beliefs, whether on a professional or personal level, is an ongoing day to day concern. Logos, business letterheads, inspirational quotes, are all ways to turn ordinary business and personal communications into tools to promote personal and business concerns. Yet, there are other even more subtle ways to turn every letter into a 'green' letter. has seeded paper, suitable for printing. This seeded paper is embedded with flowering seeds. When bought as is these embedded blossoms-to-be include English daisy, baby blue eyes, poppies and catchfly. Customearthpromos will, however, happily assist buyers in putting together a more personalized blend of wildflowers should they desire to do so.

As to color, Customearthpromos makes their seeded sheets available in a wide array of lovely business-worthy neutrals, charming pastels and intensely vivid shades. Whether your wish is to convey a professional proposal, a warm greeting, or an emotional and personal communique, Customearthpromos has the appropriate shade of printable seeded paper, from white and terra cotta, to coffee, sage, desert orange, lime, cranberry and violet, to properly and colorfully stand behind your sentiments. Colored sheets are available in size 8.5 x 11. However, plain white sheets are also available in size 13.25 by 17.95. Standard sheet thickness is eighty GSM.
Customearthpromos has other means by which they customize their printable seeded paper products. The default printing for all seed-embedded sheets is enacted through letterpress printing. However, Customearthpromos has seeded papers suitable for Inkjet printing, digital printing and offset printing techniques. Proprietary seed mixing methods give these customized sheets a smooth print-ready surface. Smoother grain sheets are available specifically in white only.

All of these seeded paper products and seed computer paper products are made with the same care for Mother Earth that Customearthpromos demonstrates in creating all of its products. Paper products are made by hand from recycled paper. Each sheet is checked via the specifics of California's Proposition 65, thereby making sure the inclusion of no dangerous chemicals. Every ink used in every seeded product is Eco-friendly.

Seeded paper products and seeded computer paper products from are not just earth-friendly. They're innovative, inspiring and highly affordable too. What gentler, kinder, more memorable way could there be to turn every personal missive and every business communique into a reminder of the debt we owe Mother Earth, then by turning every letter into a grow-able gift.