I have always been a big fan of making my own CDs. Over time I amassed a huge collection of them and it got to the point where I would get sick of listening to the same Grateful Dead or Fleetwood Mac album over and over, but still wanted to keep some of the songs from the CD, but mix in other tracks that I liked to change up the routine. Over time I created an equally large collection of CDs that I had made myself, and needed to label all of them to keep track of what was on them. I attempted to use the flimsy plastic cases that they sell at a lot of office supply stores, but they would crack almost immediately and writing on them was impossible. When I discovered seed paper sleeves, it was a complete game changer, and now it is all I use for my huge collection of CDs. I also dabble in film making, and also use the seed paper sleeves when I put my film work on DVD's, making them a great way to keep track of all my projects.

Hand out Promotional Seed Paper Sleeves at Your next Trade Show!

Custom Earth Promos offers a wide selection of seed paper sleeves, available in colors ranging from terra cotta to chartreuse, so you are sure to find the perfect color(s) to match your music or DVDs. Each one of the seed paper sleeves is 5” x 5” (standard disc size), with an imprint area of 5” x 5” meaning that if you want you can totally customize the outside of your seed paper sleeves. Each one is handmade from 100% recycled paper, and is fully plantable meaning that instead of throwing them away or recycling them when you're finished using them; you can add them to your compost pile. Seed paper sleeves are a great, eco-friendly way to organize your CD and DVD collections, and can also be great for promotional purposes with their huge customizable surface area. Whether you're a music enthusiast, making your own movies, or promoting your business, seed paper sleeves are a great alternative to traditional hazardous plastic cases that break before you've opened up the packaging.