Spring is coming, and along with that comes wedding season!  If you happen to be planning a wedding for yourself or someone else, there are a lot of environmentally friendly ways to incorporate green materials into your wedding design.

Have a Green Wedding by Using Seed Paper Wedding Invitations

The stationary you use for the wedding invitations can set the tone for your whole wedding.  Why not delight and excite your family and friends with seed paper invitations.  Seed paper is eco-friendly as the paper is %100 biodegradable and full of flowering seeds.

Seed paper does not need to be planted immediately, the paper will save until your guests are ready to plant them.  To plant a seed card, all your guests will need to do is fill a pot with good quality potting soil, about 2/3 of the way full.  Place the plantable seed paper on top of the soil, and cover the seed paper with a thin layer of soil . Water well until the soil and seed paper are evenly damp and place the pot in a location with plenty of sun.  That's it.   After about 7-10 days, the paper will have germinated, and sprouts will start to grow.  There are even different options of seed to choose from depending on the region you live in, so if most of your guests are from an arid community, you can choose seed cards that will grow in that kind of climate.  Along with the wedding invitation, you can also use seed paper for your bachelor and bachelorette party, your wedding shower, place cards and thank you notes.

Plant Your Wedding Invitations Once the Reception Is Over!

Another colorful idea is instead of filling the church with cut flowers, why not purchase pots of flowers in the colors of your wedding and then give them to family members and members of the wedding party, after the ceremony.  These will make wonderful gifts that can bloom the whole summer as a reminder of your beautiful wedding.  You can also ask guests to wrap wedding gifts in reusable shopping bags.  Reusable bags are a much better alternative then all that wrapping paper, and you will have enough bags to keep in two cars, plus extras for the office, and probably some to share.

These are just a few simple ideas to set the tone for a more eco-friendly wedding.  For more ideas, visit Green Weddings.