Watch your business, your ideas, and your words flourish into a garden of possibilities with seed paper sheets from Custom Earth Promos. The quaint art of seed paper has come full circle over the centuries, historically crafted by skilled artisans from generation to generation, now available as a green alternative for a variety of promotional products and artistic endeavours. We are delighted to bring these unique papers to you at low prices without sacrificing quality.

Our colorful array of environmentally-friendly seed papers have limitless creative potential: from scrapbooking, collage, decoupage, paper-cutting and printing, to handmade cards, invitations, gift tags and gift wrap. Wildflower papers are perfect for creating promotional materials for a business or making custom tags for local craft shows. Offering our eco-friendly seed paper sheets is a great way to build a solid base of like-minded customers. People committed to a green lifestyle will appreciate that not only are they receiving a gift of flowers everlasting, but that if their seed papers don't make it home into a flower pot or garden plot, the worst thing that could happen is a fresh patch of blossoms in a landfill or near a gas station off the beaten path! Children of all ages will enjoy watching their pet seeds come to fruition.

Additionally, seed paper sheets can be used as writing stationery for making a difference long-hand style for when words alone can't express the strength of feelings. A plantable, seed-embedded message for the future is nostalgic of handwritten letters from the past--such as memoirs written in times of war and adventures written to families across continents. Letter-writing on wildflower seed paper brings a whimsical, homesteading feel, with a generous helping of mother earth. On our seed papers, poems grow into gardens, romantic letters will live on forever, and memories of loved ones bloom everlasting over their burial plots in place of store-bought flowers that will eventually wither away.

With eighteen colors to choose from, our seed papers are infused with eco-friendly dyes, and several types of seed mixes are available as well. Our wildflower seed papers come in several sizes, the most popular ranging from 8 ½” by 11” to 12” by 18”. When it comes time to to plant, they simply need to be saturated in water, then covered with a thin layer of soil and kept moist until sprouts appear. Try out these papers and let your garden grow footsteps to a greener future.