Tourism organization Blue Safari Seychelles (say-SHELLS or say-SHELL) has set up an eco-camp on a remote island in the nation located in the Indian Ocean.

Located 1,030 kilometers (640 miles) from the archipelago's main island of Mahe, visitors can experience a true getaway adventure on the paradise island of Cosmoledo. Conservation, preservation, and protection of nature are at the heart of this experience as Blue Safari Seychelles, the trading name Alphonse Island Lodge uses to do their marketing, has managed to find the balance between nature and sustainable hospitality.

The accommodations are made from repurposed shipping containers. The interior of each of the eight lodges were designed to minimize environmental impact. They were made using local wood and painted in neutral colors. This ensures each pod blends with the sands, palm trees, and shrubs. All of the amenities, located on Wizard Island, or Grand Ile, are eco-friendly. All cleaning products are fully biodegradable.

Cosmoledo is just one of the islands being managed by Islands Development Company (IDC). Public Relations and Communications Manager, Michael Payet, told Seychelles News Agency that IDC has wanted a presence on Cosmoledo for the past several years.

Discussions for more permanent residence on the atoll began in 2017, but IDC funds did not exist.

"Malagasy and Comorian fishermen have been poaching fish and harvesting sea cucumbers from the reef as well as killing sea turtles. Their ongoing illegal activities have had a devastating effect on the marine resources around the atoll. Having learned that IDC wanted to establish a presence on the atoll, Alphonse Island Lodge put forward a proposal to the board of IDC in August 2017, to have a tent style camp on Grand Ile which would accommodate some 12 guests in a safari style set-up."

IDC PR and Communications Manager Michael Payet

Payet added that with the presence on Cosmoledo, the atoll's wildlife has benefited greatly.
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"Since the eco-lodge was established, the slaughter of turtles on the islands and in the lagoon of Cosmoledo has been brought to a halt."

IDC PR and Communications Manager Michael Payet

During their stay, visitors can submerge themselves in a Blue Safari snorkeling experience, explore undiscovered diving sites, or try bluewater and fly fishing. Stand-up paddle boarding, guided kayaking, and a Wizard Island tour are also options.
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The foundations upon which the shipping containers sit are not permanent. Rather than being concrete slabs, they are on top of precast plinths. This leaves the camp completely removable and transportable.

"The containerised camp on Cosmoledo is not a permanent establishment, but a temporary facility until such time comes that IDC builds its guesthouse on the island."

IDC PR and Communications Manager Michael Payet

Blue Safari Seychelles also allows visitors to experience other outer atolls of the archipelago of Seychelles, a group of 115 islands in the western Indian Ocean. These include the Astove, Poivre, and Amirantes groups.